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About me

Hey there, I am Zoe, a multi-passionate Mum of 2 teens. After a successful career in Sales and Marketing and now as a Consultant, I have much experience to share.

With vast Leadership experience, I can communicate and strategise at all levels and as a creative thinker, I offer unique and simplistic solutions to even the most complex of business challenges.

Why should you book a session with me?

In every position I have ever had, I have found ways to improve and streamline systems, generate more revenue and save money. This has led to many promotions I didn't even apply for!

Without exaggeration, the growth hacks my brain seems to find with ease has generated millions in revenue.

I see workarounds that others don't and if there's an easier more effective way? I will find it.

I am extremely passionate about the culture within businesses, build relationships with ease and can easily identify others' strengths and challenges. We are all unique and businesses can have huge success simply by recognising and working with people as individuals. Having your strengths recognised and rewarded will lead to happy and productive employees that overdeliver.

Lastly, I naturally build confidence and belief in others as I have a 'can do' attitude and am not afraid to give things a go, so I encourage others to do the same. Just stepping slightly out of our comfort zones, can change the trajectory of our lives dramatically.

Feel free to ask reach out for a quick chat to establish how I can help you and your business today. 

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