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Days Gone.part03.rar

I also want to mention that I'm sorry if I've been a bit absent these last days, it's rather normal when I make a big set with text like this, I usually isolate myself a bit because I like to focus on the set, the poses, the text, and not get distracted by anything else, I'm sorry if I bothered or worried some people by my absence.

Days Gone.part03.rar

I started this project in 2006 i think, (but i was busy with the vice city version of starman mod), i published versions 1.2, 1.4 and 1.5 of California Megamod for GTA San Andreas later in 2008, and version 1.55 in 2009. In 2009 i also released CAMP MOD, a special mod that would let you play samp with mods.The mod only worked in the client side of samp, making samp look much more nicer, but without giving you any advantages against other samp players, (no cheating options, only an open door to a world of new entertaining posibilities) i also released a server with some gamemodes specially customized to take advantage of mods, making a lot more fun to play samp) but some days later the samp developers banned allmost all latin-american countries because a personal problem they had with a hacker from Argentina. And some time later they released another version not compatible with the megamod, and so my samp mod (Called Camp) became useless, so i deleted it from internet, and decided not to work again in mods for samp. i even quit making mods and started working in my own game (although the real reason was the shutting down of the megaupload server and so i didn't had a place where to upload the megamod because the files were too large and other servers gave very bad service).

In 2013 i found some comments in internet about people saying my work was very good and asking me to come back to work in gta mods, i also noticed a lot of good and new stuff had been published by talented gta modders for gta san andreas and that could be used to improve the Megamod project a lot. I downloaded some content and started writing my own scripts, but i kept focused in my own game. In 2014 i had a lot of realistic textures in my game and thought they would make GTA San Andreas look awesome, but i still had to make even more stuff but nobody will ever see it for years until i release my own game, so i "parked" my own game proyect and came back to work in the California Megamod, i published an update to 1.56 and 1.57, and worked in re-texturization of san andreas and improvements to the megamod using new available content in gta websites, i worked everyday in 2014 in the megamod, and i had plans for version 1.6 and 1.8 in 2014 but they got delayed and never released, finally in 4th january 2015 i decided to publish version 2.0 (in my website) using new technology created by LINK2012 (modloader) replacing the one i had created in previous versions. Later i published some small patches/updates and i'm still working in improving the california megamod project. wishing to finish it this year 2016 so that i can go back to work in my own game (which still has no name but looks REAAALY NICE but still needs years of work). In december 2015 i wanted to publish the latest version of the megamod that i had in my computer eventhough i haven't been working in it for months and it wasn't finished yet, i spend few weeks testing and fixing the most important bugs and i tried to publish it for my birthday but it got delayed and then i published it 2 days later. In 1st january 2016 i published version 3.0 of California Megamod, with some improvements, bugfixes and new content since 2.1. in May 2016 i published version 3.1, a beta of version 3.2 was uploaded to diskokosmiko in october 2016 and version 3.3 was published in 1st january 2017. I spent lot of time without working in the megamod but later (maybe 2019) i added the ENB series mod which gave a very realistic look to the game (reflective water, etc.) but introduced some heavy problems, and so there have been no more versions of the megamod until 20 september 2022. when i released Version 3.49, which in reality is the beta of 3.5 version that is under construction, and not finished yet (some mods work fine and others still have bugs). I couldn't upload the files to moddb (error uploading try again all the time even with the smallest file) so i had to upload it to mediafire and create an article with the download links and instalation instructions, and so you will not find the latest version 3.49 in FILES, instead it is in ARTICLES here at

Microsoft has made available for download the SQL Server DENALI CTP3 Demo VHD several weeks ago at =27740. The SQL Server DENALI CTP3 Demo VHD is a fully configured HyperV image of SQL Server Denali CTP3 and SharePoint 2010 good for 180 days. The following software is configured on the virtual machine: 041b061a72

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