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FlexGraphics Delphi Graphics Components 1.79 Full Source

Moreover the developer gets full control of all objects at run time including the ability to access objects both by ID and by name. User defined fields and values as well as usual or multi-line hints can be specified for each object and are stored in document body. A sample vector graphics editor application (along with source code on Borland Delphi) is distributed with the library. This sample application implements all the functionality of the product (including drawing objects, changing their properties via object inspector, object grouping, object alignment, working with bitmaps, working with layers, working with grid, creation of images libraries, working with charts within the document etc. FlexGraphics for Borland Delphi C++ Builder will allow you to build vector graphics capabilities in your software. You will be able to build serious full-featured graphics processing systems with its help. You also may like to download AlphaControls 14.05 Beta for D5-XE10.2.

FlexGraphics Delphi Graphics Components 1.79 Full Source


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