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Beyond The Lights ((FREE))

When Kaz pulls her to safety, they click; he sees something in her vulnerability, she likes that he sees past her celebrity. Thus begins their unlikely romance and Noni's journey of self-discovery beyond, as the title says, the lights.

Beyond The Lights

Always popular among our guests is the opportunity to walk through an element of our display and feel surrounded by lights. This year, there are many opportunities to experience this exhilarating feeling, by way of a new 150-foot-long illuminated tunnel outfitted with 15,000 lights that leads into our Main Fountain Garden.

Our new Main Fountain Garden tunnel joins our 200-foot-long curved tunnel graced with 20,0000 lights along the edge of our Meadow Garden returns this year, creating an illusion that the lights continue without end. Designed by Sellers and constructed by Senior Mechanic and Fabricator Dave Thomson, the Meadow tunnel has grown from its original 140 feet when it made its A Longwood Christmas debut in 2019, to 200 feet with 20,0000 twinkling lights, and continues to captivate guests this year.

I reviewed this for The Dissolve ( and will be writing more about it in the near future. It's so rare for a romantic movie to just let itself be romantic without shame or snark or irony. For that reason alone it's exceptional, but there's a lot more to recommend it as well.

It's absolutely crazy that this baby isn't talked about as much as Bradley Cooper's A Star Is Born was. Dynamite chemistry between our two leads, numerous scenes that are simply fantastic and Minnie Driver fucking SLAYING as an over-bearing mother/manager/supervillian. It was also made with only a $7 million dollar budget and it looks like it would cost at least $50 million. A beyond impressive feature in almost every aspect, especially with it's storytelling, it's depth of it's main characters, and what it has to say about: the treatment of artists in the music industry and parents forcefully setting their children on a designated career plan/path. A truly great movie. 041b061a72

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