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[S2E12] The Sword Of Veracity

Later, Hercules and Iolaus go to talk to Trachis. Hercules asks him if he knows of the Sword of Veracity. Trachis replies that he knows of the legend, Hercules says it is not a legend, that the sword is hidden in the Thalian caves. Trachis tells Hercules there are hundreds of caves so he should hurry as he does not have much time, Hercules says he will be back in time, with the sword. Trachis orders some of his men to follow Hercules and Iolaus and if they find the sword they are to kill them.

[S2E12] The Sword Of Veracity

While searching for the sword, Hercules and Iolaus meet Lea, a Hestial Virgin. She says she cannot lead them to the sword, only accompany them in their search; if their cause is just, then Hestia will lead them to the sword.

In the meantime, Trachis beseeches Hera for her help against Hercules, using her powers she creates a Minotaur. The following day Hercules, Iolaus and Lea set off again in search of the sword, Hercules asks Lea to get Hestia to help them. After sitting on a rock and humming, she point to a cave, Hercules asks if she is sure, she tells him he should trust Hestia. Then Iolaus notices the sun shining a beam of light onto the cave Lea had pointed to. Hercules says he owes her an apology, she says not to worry about it.

As they enter the cave they are met by the Minotaur, who begins throwing boulders at Hercules, he tells Iolaus and Lea to go and find the sword. As Hercules fight the Minotaur, Iolaus and Lea come into an opening in the cave, in the center is a hearth covered in many swords. On the hearth are written the words:-

Welcome to the cave of Hestia, goddess of the hearth. The sword of veracity is a powerful weapon. Once removed from the cave, it must be used with caution and then returned when its purpose has been fulfilled.

Iolaus suggests they take all the swords and test them later, but Lea says they can only take one sword and if they remove the wrong one they never get out alive. After Hercules beats the Minotaur, he goes and finds the others. Iolaus tells them they need to find the right sword, as he joins them, Lea shouts, "Look out! Two hairy monsters, right behind you." They laugh, thinking she is joking, but as they roar, Hercules and Iolaus fight them. They trick them into stabbing the other with their swords and Lea finds the sword they are looking for.

Elsewhere, Trachis' men arrest some women and children and Trachis tells Amphion he knows about his battle in Carthage, and if he does not reconsider his offer, history may repeat itself. Hercules asks Lea why she is staying with them even though they now have the sword. She says that Hestia came to her in a vision and told her. Then Trachis' men appear and Hercules and Iolaus start fighting them. After they are all beaten, they see that one of the men ahs taken Lea hostage. She manages to disarm the man and reveal that she is not really a Hestial Virgin. She says that she is to marry Amphion, Hercules says if that is so then they need to save the groom.

Back in Pluribus, Trachis tells Amphion he has one last chance to retract his lies or his friends will die to. Amphion remains silent and Trachis takes a torch and goes to set the people on fire. As he approaches with the flame, Amphion tells him to stop and that he will do anything to save his friends. Hercules arrives with the sword and asks Trachis if he killed Tallus and Shira. Trachis confesses that he did and orders his men to kill Hercules and Iolaus.

As they fight, Trachis sets the flame to the people tied to the stake. They get water and put out the fire and the people are saved. Hercules stop Trachis from running and Lea pulls a sword on Trachis. Amphion tells her to stop, but she says she does not care anymore. Hercules tells her to do it if that is what she really wants, she drops the sword and spares Trachis' life.

The DManiac was just about the stab Ning Que with her sword when Sang Sang flew into the sky and release her black energy to fell the DManiac, who was badly injured, though not fatally as she used her energy against her own assisting soldiers when she found out that they had disobeyed her and completely ignoring her order.

Dao Maniac was about to use her sword against the Shrine Master when all of a sudden, the Temple Master intervened by tossing a ripped page of the most sacred book of Taoism. He told off the Dao Maniac for being so silly and being so obssessed with Ning Que. 041b061a72

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