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Audioslave Shadow On The Sun

I agree. And I am bold enough to contend that the people who are frequesntly making these assumptions are, in all probability, the people with the drug problems. You see, people have a tendency to interpret songs in a manner that allows them to relate to them.For example, I drew an altogether different meaning from this song than those described herein. Probaby because of my familiarity with Jungian psychology, and avid interest in archetypes and symbols, I interpreted this song in a much broader context than most would expect.In Jungian psychology the shadow is representative of the bad in the world. The primitive, lustful, canniving, appetitious part of the personality found in every person. And moreover, the light, the sun, represented the opposite. The goodnes...the purity..all the beauty in the world.Accordingly, because I can relate to these concepts, when I hear this song it seems to me as if he is telling us that all the bad stuff in the world, like how people die alone, go they feel like they are living without souls..everything undesirable..happens because of the shadows on the sun..the bad parts inside of all of us good people...all the bad mixed with all the good in the world leave us all vulnerable to emptiness and strife.

audioslave shadow on the sun


This is an amazing song, songwriting at it's best, for sure. Every time I listen to it, I get "Epic Chills" down my spine! I think it has to do with people who are in great pain, sorrow, and the brink of insanity. I don't think he's talking about drugs, specifically, but maybe this pain and suffering COULD involve drugs, but drugs aren't the point of this song. It's much deeper. It's about people in such pain and misery, that they are in an insane daze, a prison in their mind. Their happiness is covered by an ominous shadow (shadow on the sun). For them there's no hope, and they are trapped in their own mind (the memory of the one, who lived inside my skin). The speaker's soul lived inside his own skin, but now lives a miserable, soul-less life.

"Once upon a time I was of the mindTo lay your burden down"He finally decides to move on and forget about her."And leave you where you stoodAnd you believed I couldYou'd seen it done before"She was left once before so she thinks it'll be easy for him to get over her when she walks out on him."I could read your thoughtsTell you what you sawAnd never say a word"He was so in love with the bitch that he could read her mind and knew everything about her so insightfully that he could express his feelings and comfort her without ever saying a word."but Now all that is goneOver with and done, never to return"She left him and burned the bridge and all trust by cheating on him."and I can tell you whyPeople die aloneand I can tell you I'mA shadow on the sun"Because they never wanna feel that pain and rejection ever again. That's why people die alone. I can tell you because I'm a shadow on the sun. The darkness the hopelessness that no one can see. I walk around cheerful and bright like there is nothing wrong in my life while I'm dead and cold inside."Staring at the lossLooking for the causeAnd never really sureNothing but a holeTo live without a soulAnd nothing to be learned"Always replaying events over and over in my head trying to pin down that one reason for her leaving and never finding it. It's just a hole in my soul that I'll never get back and it was so useless and pointless that nothing can be learned from any of it."I can tell you whyPeople go insane"I've gone crazy several times from the emotional train wreck she's put me through and I'm sure Chris feels the same."I can show you howYou could do the same"Just get yourself a Divorced 22y.o. bride and in 4 years you'll be just like me."I can tell you whyThe end will never comeI can tell you I'mA shadow on the sun"The end of the misery, the little reminders of her. Just when you think you've put it all behind, bam, there she is again. You've never let go completely, her memory still haunts you, it's fuckin 2013 already and she left your ass in 2002 wtf over????"Shapes of every sizeMove behind my eyesDoors inside my headBolted from within"Trapped in my own mind with thoughts of her. "Every drop of flameLights a candle inMemory of the oneWho lived inside my skin"Mark 10:8New American Standard Bible (NASB) and the two shall become one flesh; so they are no longer two, but one flesh.The man feels as I do. Torn and ripped apart from the one that was once his own flesh. The one who shared everything with him, thoughts, feelings, emotions. She truly lived inside his skin. Now Divorced he is a shell of a man, a shadow on the sun.

I think it is about a connection with another person. That person who was very close to him, somehow lost connection with him and now one or both of them are sorry - "starring at the loss, looking for the cause and never really sure". He is angered, frightened with what has happened and doesn't know what to do. "i can tell you why people go insane, i can tell you how you could do the same, i can tell you why the end will never come, i can tell you why shadow on the sun" - is an explanation about why people are angry and frightened - because they are alone. He is trying to get by. Tormented from inside. And sometimes the sun - representing the human soul and the human love has a shadow, which has to be because of something in the way. Like doubt, anger, being unsure about losing the one you love.

I think that Chris cornell has inclined more towards the Jungian philosophy as someone stated here. To relate this song to drugs is obscure, in my opinion...Chris is talking about his existential ways and how he really doesnt care about Joe the plumber's problems ...Sympathy can be regarded to be a human weakness and in a subjective way. But from a collective principle, overlooking sympathy and staying indifferent is a selfish trait which makes one to be cast out as a 'shadow on the sun'..or in words, a blemish on the universal truth...'shapes of every size move behind my eyes'I see it this way...The debauchery and mundane activities that masqerade in front of my eyes are not registered inside...but just shapes of various sizes...the doors inside my head are tightly bolted from inside... not letting anything that i see or experience affect me..All that I have valuably learned throughout my life are manifested as emotions that symbolize nothing but drops of flame that light the memories within..flames that lick the battered soul inside...

I think that to get the full meaning you need to look out of Coronell's eyes. let's take a look here, at this time he had just stopped drinking not to long ago. So first possibility the shadow on the sun could be his bad deeds leaving a shadow on his past good life. and basically when all he did was sit, drink, and write music, you could possibly say that him talking about people going insane is from his past emotional problems. now another way to look at it is that chris is looking at it as an overall and spiritual view. The shadow could be the bad things of this world such as drugs alcohol and murder. He could possibly, as one guy suggests, be talking for god as if he is God looking at the earth and seeing the "shadow on the sun" as the unfaithful in the church and the divisions like catholic methodists baptists.or,(I left this on separate because it is most likely not true) he could have just thrown a lot of words on each other with no meaning.

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