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There were three tables lined up on the Apopka Amphitheater stage to face an audience of about 100 people. There were three attorneys, an engineer, and the Apopka City Council. There was a published agenda, and a 792-page packet detailing most of the subjects to be discussed.

But somewhere along the journey to enlightenment, the workshop languished into a 90-minute back-and-forth discussion that lost its focus. Yes, there was one major takeaway, but it certainly did not bring closure to all of its subject matter.

"We are here to try to achieve the objective of the [RSR] HOA to acquire the 319 acres [of golf course lands] that are now owned by the Golf Group," said Ardaman. "We are aware the City has an appraisal on the Harmon property for $2.5 million and has received offers in excess of that - $4.5-$6.5 million. I know there's been discussions by city commissioners and staff about putting that property out for bid. The HOA is going to make a bid well above the appraised value if the City Council will go along with the three-way-swap."

It was an inauspicious end to the would-be agreement between the City, the RSR HOA, and the Golf Group. But there were still a lot of questions to be answered. Nelson, however, started the discussion section of the workshop after Rodriguez's harsh dose of reality by inviting questions from the commissioners.

"I can't give an opinion on whether or not the state will rule on this one way or another, but conservation easements can be amended with the proper procedure," Rodriquez said. "Speaking theoretically, and hypothetically if there is an easement in the area for a gopher tortoise habitat, the state routinely permits for gopher tortoises to be relocated."

"We're getting outside the scope of what I thought this workshop was about," he said. "If we're talking about the land swap where the Golf Group and the HOA trade the 51 acres for the 320 acres [golf lands], all of that's going to have to come through a normal hearing process for us [City Council] to contemplate anyway."

"What I was more interested in is why we were here... for Harmon Road primarily," Becker said. "But I wanted to take a step back. A lot of people weren't here in April when this tri-party land swap was administration-led with the city owning the golf lands for a period of time, and doing precisely the things you said wouldn't be legal to change our PUD [Planned Unit Development] document... and so we've gone from an almost pro [position]... to against doing anything with Harmon Road?"

"My understanding was it was an option to consider," said Rodriguez. "Now, we're here today in November, and the direction I've been given is that there is no formal offer to put Harmon Road up for sale."

"I guess what has transpired between April and now... there has been a lot of fluidity," said Becker. "And from where I sit, why is there such fluidity? If this is a swap between the HOA and the Golf Group, what business does the City have?"

"You're not alone in seeing that there is fluidity," said Rodriguez. "In my own dealings with the two HOA [and Golf Group] counsels, it has been fluid. You think we're going one way and then they present another proposal... and another. You're not wrong. It is fluid. The city's position has always been the same. At this point, Harmon Road is not officially up for bid."

"I would agree," said Nelson. "It's still up to City Council, but obviously the useful life is getting shorter. The report Rob [Robert Hippler, Apopka IT Director] put together is pretty comprehensive. We can leave it there [on Harmon Road]. But how many more years before it falls down and we have a problem with our first responder's communication? The only question is do you want to leave it there? I guess we'll be saving $700,000. But if we move it do we generate more revenue from the property if we sell it? That's all to be determined."

"The tower is not on its death bed," she said. "The only thing we cannot do is add more servers. It's working. We maintain it, and it's not on its death bed. It's used by our first responders and it will remain there until we have something else, and that's not anytime in the future."

"I thought there was little gained in the workshop, as this administration still has not presented any near or long term plans for the Harmon road property nor directly discussed the communications tower, outside of the report we received in preparation of the workshop that indicated it is in acceptable working condition," Becker said. "Both of these things would be critical to making a final disposition recommendation or decision as it relates to Harmon. The only thing we did find out is the Mayor has done a complete 180 on the residents of Rock Springs Ridge, basically ending the possibility of Harmon being in play, an idea he himself unilaterally introduced to those residents back in April at the Amphitheater."

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