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Dmg Technologies

With the vision set to be One of the best smart cities in the world and planning for state of the Art technologies to be deployed. DMG Technologies engineering service are in place to validate the vision.

Dmg Technologies

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High-precision machine tools and technologies from DMG MORI are at the beginning of global value chains. Integrated automation and end-to-end digitization solutions extend our core business with turning and milling machines, Advanced Technologies and Additive Manufacturing.

As a global full-liner with over 20 years of experience in the ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING of metal parts, DMG MORI represents innovative manufacturing technologies and a worldwide service. The portfolio includes four complete process chains for additive processes using powder nozzle or powder bed technologies. For this integral offer DMG MORI combines its LASERTEC SLM models and the LASERTEC DED series with the machining centres from its broadly diversified machine portfolio.

DMG MORI has performed successfully on the market since 2013 with the combination of laser deposition welding and metal-cutting machining on the machines of the LASERTEC DED hybrid series. While the LASERTEC 65 DED is geared solely towards laser deposition welding as a complement to existing machining centres on the shop floor, the LASERTEC SLM series expands the portfolio to include the powder bed method using selective laser melting. Thanks to the combination of additive manufacturing technologies with conventional CNC machines DMG MORI has realised four individual needs-based process chains. The integral software solution for CAM programming and machine control CELOS rounds off the process chains with the LASERTEC SLM series.

To remain competitive and push further innovative technologies, DMG MORI Boston will hire young professionals with knowledge in future-oriented topics like digitization, artificial intelligence and additive manufacturing.

The DMQP program combines innovation and technology expertise from selected partners, who have been exclusively awarded the premium seal of quality for their products. As a DMQP partner, FUCHS will supply metalworking fluids, greases, hydraulic and spindle oils, cooling lubricants, monitoring technologies, and other products that have been exclusively tailored to machines and processes.

The DMGs have been developed by a team of engineers with more than two decades of experience in Formula One driving simulation. Indeed the company was founded in 2017 by Ashley Warne, an F1 driving simulator engineer who previously led the simulator development efforts of both Ferrari and McLaren. The DMG technologies allow OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers to conduct tests such as ride comfort, handling and tyre development, as well as complex and extreme vehicle dynamics and ADAS systems testing, in a virtual environment.

DMG MORI held its annual open house at its Pfronten, Germany facility, to debut advances in machining technologies, including the introduction of six new machine tools and Industry 4.0 enabling technologies.

In practice this combination of the two technologies allows completely new complexities. Friedemann Lell sees examples of this in the free formed geometric elements in turbine and engine construction and in the internal cooling channels of injection moulds.

Goal: Fully characterize preclinical DMG models in the context of human disease and repurpose effective drug combination strategies by harnessing the power of emerging platforms and technologies.

This news release contains forward-looking information or statements based on current expectations. Forward-looking statements contained in this news release include statements regarding growth and expectations of the Terra Pool as well as its Petra and Walletscore technologies, developing and executing on the Company's products and services, the increase in Bitcoin self-mining and achieving its target of 1 EH/s, the expected arrival of new miners and the increased hashrate once the miners are installed and operating, the launch of products and services, events, courses of action, and the potential of the Company's technology and operations, among others, are all forward-looking information.

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