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Realtek Rtl8139 810x Family Fast Ethernet Nic For Mac

1. Downloaded and installed the NET.TAZ from floppy with: mtools copy /dev/fd0:/NET.TAZ /usr/tmp mv /minix/2.0.4 /minix/2.0.4nonet cd / zcat /etc/inet.conf3. Restarted, and hit to edit the boot parameters, typing: DPETH0=300:3 servers=inet4. I then proceed to the bochs install directory on the host OS to runniclist, producing the following: 1: Intel(R) PRO Adapter Device: \Device\NPF_FD94530F-0932-45F2-96A3-8705B4753748 2: Realtek RTL8139/810x Family Fast Ethernet NIC Device: \Device\NPF_BBB04545-5571-46EA-8F87-39E77CE1B8ED Example config for bochsrc: ne2k: ioaddr=0x300, irq=3, mac=b0:c4:20:00:00:00, ethmod=win32,ethdev=\Device\NPF_FD94530F-0932-45F2-96A3-8705B47537485. The host computer is dual-honed, and the first adapter goes to theinternet, the second goes to the local network, so not seeing anyreason to edit the suggested bochsrc config, i just append it to theminix.bxrc file.6. So far so good... until I restart Minix, where i'm greeted with apanic: Device: [NE2K] Message: Could not open adapter for ethernet receptionAlas, I must have done something wrong or missed an important stepsomewhere. The Bochs-Minix networking information online is rathersparse and unhelpful for troubleshooting.

Realtek Rtl8139 810x Family Fast Ethernet Nic For Mac

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