I was diagnosed with ADHD at 45!

Updated: Oct 7

So have had an eventful few weeks...

A few days ago I was diagnosed with ADHD. A mild case apparently but ADHD nonetheless.

At the age of 45, this evoked many emotions. The main one is relief.😅

Quite frankly I have been exhausted from my hyperactive brain for years and now things make sense.

Of course, there have been some tears because I just thought I had to struggle. I have done pretty well outwardly for the last 45 years, so why upset everything now? It's mild so why worry about it?

Well because it doesn't matter how much personal development I do, or how many techniques I use, the second I lose interest, I lose focus.

This means for so many years I have fought to keep focused on things my brain was dismissing. I was at odds with myself and that sh*ts exhausting.

I have worked hard over the years to work with my brain instead of against it and I have been pretty successful to a point....but this diagnosis, THIS is why I struggled so much!!

It is a huge revelation to me but in truth, the people close to me have just kind of nodded as they know all my quirks.🤣

As I say, it has been a huge relief and I feel like now I can start the journey of acceptance and understanding.

All the things I so openly give to others.

Of course, this doesn't and will not ever define me. I am not looking to be labelled (perhaps should have thought of that before "coming out" 😅🤣) and I am most certainly not a victim.

I have always worked to my strengths and have been extremely successful from a business perspective because of it. (That'll be the hyperfocus😅).

I have always been fascinated with our brilliant minds and how we all think so differently and now I know why.

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